Nanofiltration Systems

Nanofiltration is a type of membrane filtration system that works like others it’s related to. Namely, it separates inorganic and organic materials from a liquid, and that liquid is usually water. The membrane acts as a sieve of sorts. It is very similar to reverse osmosis in its process, but is not as efficient at [...]

Membrane Bioreactors

Membrane bioreactors are often used in municipal and industrial wastewater treatment. It is a secondary filtration system used in turning sewage water into water suitable for drinking by removing the contaminants. The bioreactor combines pressure driven membrane operations like ultrafiltration and microfiltration to oxidize the organic material, making it easier to separate that material in [...]

Reverse Osmosis

What Is It, Exactly? Before discussing reverse osmosis, we should probably go over what osmosis is first.  Osmosis is the movement of molecules through a semi-permeable membrane of some sort from a low water-potential area to a high water-potential area.  For example, when a person drinks salt water, osmotic pressure in the body draws water [...]

UV Water Disinfection System – What You Need To Know

While reverse osmosis, nanofiltration and ultrafiltration are good and very effective ways to purify water, the fact remains that there still could be tiny organisms, bacteria and viruses floating around in water after those processes have ended.   A UV water disinfection system bridges that gap.  It utilizes ultraviolet radiation to get rid of disease-causing [...]

Mobile Water Treatment Systems – A General Overview

In times of crisis or emergency, the water supply may be severely damaged or contaminated.  This will often leave the people affected without safe water to drink.  However, there is a solution to this.  Mobile water treatment systems are often used to provide a safe, effective way to get clean drinking water to those who [...]